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Enormous is a pixel perfect creative multi purpose WordPress Theme based on Visual
Composer & designed with great attention to details, flexibility and performance.
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[cms_heading hd_title=»45+ Beautiful Demos» hd_subtitle=»Refreshing & Modern» hd_description=»Enormous comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable homepage layouts. Create your website without any effort and adapt it to suit your needs quickly and easily.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
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[cms_heading hd_title=»Powerful & Amazing Features» hd_subtitle=»Everything You Need» hd_description=»Enormous comes with everything you need for a modern and captivating website, you can be sure you have everything you need. From stunning elements and fully flexible page templates to powerful options, easily customizable layouts and much more.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
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[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»One Click Demo Install» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-pointer-up» description_item=»The fastest way to import our demo content. Enormous Importer provides you with all of the pages and posts, sample sliders, widgets, theme options, assigned pages, and more.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Visual Composer» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-layers» description_item=»Visual Composer premium plugin worth $34. Visual Composer is a drag and drop backend page builder that will save you tons of time working on Enormous theme elements and content.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Revolution Slider» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-undo» description_item=»Revolution Slider premium plugin worth $19. Even beginners will manage to create beautiful presentations, sporting an impressive number of options through using this awesome plugin.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»5 Stars Support» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-star» description_item=»Our aim is the satisfaction of customers. If you have any questions, or need help with Enormous, just contact us and our support team and developers will immediately help you.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Fully Responsive» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-laptop-phone» description_item=»Fully responsive, retina ready & created for all types of devices. Enormous makes sure your website looks equally breathtaking when viewed on all screen sizes and resolutions.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Lifetime Free Updates» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-cloud-check» description_item=»You will get a lifetime free updates to the theme. Updates may contain various theme improvements, fixes for any bugs or theme issues, security updates or new awesome demos.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Easy Customization» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-cog» description_item=»Each Demo built with Enormous will look different. Without any coding knowledge you can create amazing websites with Enormous by making easy changes with the options panel.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Major Browsers Support» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-select» description_item=»Enormous supports all major browsers and will behave identically on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Be sure Enormous will impress you.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Powerful Theme Options» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-magic-wand» description_item=»Customizing your website is easy with Enormous. Thanks to the powerful and user friendly options panel, which allows you to customize almost anything in the appearance of your website easily.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Enhanced User Experience» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-license» description_item=»Enormous based on in-depth research into business field, to deliver all layouts and blocks you need. Enormous has been optimized to give your visitors the best experience in terms of UX/UI.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»High Speed Performance» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-hourglass» description_item=»Enormous is using the best coding practices and top quality code to ensure fast loading time and clean code. Being packed with a lot of features, the code is optimized for best performance.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Social Media Integration» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-users» description_item=»Enormous provides integrated social media sharing options, as well as widgets that let you easily display your Twitter and Instagram feeds directly on your website.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»SEO Optimized» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-chart-bars» description_item=»Designed with the utmost care and using the finest programming practices, Enormous makes sure your website’s rankings are improved across all modern search engines.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Amazing Layouts» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-rocket» description_item=»Enormous is full of great and awesome predesigned inner pages, as well as portfolio, blog, and shop layouts. All of this ensures you can set up a fully functional website in no time.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»WooCommerce Ready» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-cart» description_item=»It’s compatible with the awesome WooCommerce plugin so you can easily create and manage your online store and start selling right away. Be sure Enormous provide whatever you need!» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Powerful Elements» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-briefcase» description_item=»Enormous is packed with a large collection of awesome, beautiful and innovative elements, Enormous will help you create your website easily in simple, fun, and fast steps.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Rich Typography» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-spell-check» description_item=»Google Fonts is one of the most complete source of free web fonts. With more than 600 high quality fonts, you can customize your website to any style. Feel free to try any font easily.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single title_item=»Well Documented» icon_custom=»lnr lnr-book» description_item=»Documentation is easy to understand. It will take you step by step through theme installation. Easy website set up and managing with organized user guide included with Enormous.

» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout4.php»]

[cms_heading hd_title=»Amazing Niche Demos» hd_title_color=»#ffffff» hd_subtitle=»Need A Specific Demo?» hd_description=»Enormous comes with a collection of predesigned niche demos created specifically for different
niche businesses of all types!» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
[cms_heading hd_title=»Inner Pages» hd_subtitle=»Beautiful & Amazing» hd_description=»Easily highlight your team, show off your creative process, present your services, and so much more using the large collection of practical inner pages. Make sure every single detail on your website is designed to perfection using the ready-to-go single pages in Enormous.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
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[cms_heading hd_title=»Creative Portfolio Templates» hd_subtitle=»Showcase Your Works» hd_description=»Your portfolio is essential to your success, so we make sure to add unlimited Portfolio layouts including: Fullwidth, Masonary, Gallery, Classic & Much More!! Enjoy puplishing your projects using Enormous distinct portfolio single templates.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
[cms_carousel xsmall_items=»1″ small_items=»2″ medium_items=»2″ large_items=»2″ margin=»50″ nav=»false» autoplay=»false» class=»rm-showcase» source=»size:4|order_by:date|post_type:showcase|remove_query:83″ cms_template=»cms_carousel–showcase.php»]
[cms_heading hd_title=»Awesome Blog Layouts» hd_subtitle=»Write Now!» hd_description=»Enormous comes with a collection of beautiful and easily customizable blog templates for you to choose from. Including Grid, Carousel, Standard, Minimal and Masonry blog layouts. Create a large variety of awesome blog layouts easily and start publishing.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
[cms_grid col_xs=»1″ col_sm=»2″ col_md=»3″ col_lg=»3″ source=»size:3|order_by:date|post_type:demo|remove_query:80″ cms_template=»cms_grid–demos.php»]
[cms_heading hd_title=»Amazing Shop Layouts» hd_subtitle=»Sell Your Stuff» hd_description=»Enormous is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin. Enormous lets you display your products anywhere on your website in a variety of creative and beautiful layouts, including classic layouts, masonry layouts, and more.» text_align=»center» cms_template=»cms_heading–layout1.php»]
[cms_grid col_xs=»1″ col_sm=»2″ col_md=»3″ col_lg=»3″ source=»size:3|order_by:date|post_type:demo|remove_query:81″ cms_template=»cms_grid–demos.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=»center» title_item=»250+ Ui Blocks» content_bg_color=»#f4f4f4″ icon_custom=»lnr lnr-enter-down» description_item=»Enormous comes with more than 250 blocks and ui elements to help create anything.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout6.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=»center» title_item=»20+ Headers» content_bg_color=»#f4f4f4″ icon_custom=»lnr lnr-keyboard» description_item=»Various header styles available for unexpected combinations and experiments.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout6.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=»center» title_item=»Powerful Theme Options» content_bg_color=»#f4f4f4″ icon_custom=»lnr lnr-magic-wand» description_item=»Powerful and user friendly options panel, which allows you to customize almost anything.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout6.php»]
[cms_fancybox_single content_align=»center» title_item=»Pixel perfect design» content_bg_color=»#f4f4f4″ icon_custom=»lnr lnr-eye» description_item=»Enormous pay attention to details and innovative thinking define our standards.» cms_template=»cms_fancybox_single–layout6.php»]