Instantly discover your asset via GPS satellites

Instantly discover your asset via GPS satellites

Resource monitoring is without question in the middle of Nexis, and it’s really clear when you diving into our very own GPS Tracking Map display screen. Loaded from any net enabled web browser Nexis supplies a complete overview of all your collection, with important trip record playback obtained by GPS satellites. Effective companies data in the mouse click of a button!

  • Specific GPS locations for all of your possessions
  • Live ignition on / off facts
  • Important quest playback
  • aˆ?Follow this vehicleaˆ? function
  • Key speeds and course playback functions

Telematics Stating

GPS information is just limited element of Nexis, with the room of bespoke and tailormade telematic states it really is not ever been easier to thought key information and statistics remotely for any asset.

Engine Consumption Information

Nexis clearly highlights an assets usage and shows this information to the user, extracting usage according to specific assets or perhaps the whole fleet! By hour, time, period or seasons! Maintaining your accountable for resource servicing plus unauthorized consumption.

Maintaining Management

Adhering to manufacturer authorized servicing is really important for businesses, that is why the Nexis maintenance manager will monitor practices (both kilometers moved + time put) to clearly and properly exhibit critical usage of your fleet. Not only will Nexis accumulate this facts available, nonetheless it might let you know when a secured item is nearing companies recommended solution schedules and are followed too.

Ignition & System Monitoring

Advantage use and revealing become crucial for a business, this is why Nexis just reports and alerts users based on ignition on or off task and if the possessions engine is on or down. This really is especially important for extortionate idle revealing or an aesthetic indication, and on occasion even if an asset has been utilized or just seated with only the ignition on!

Gas Tank Monitoring

We recognize that not totally all fleets include team automobiles, while having included energy container tracking together with track of remote fluid tanks into Nexis. This is often accustomed definitely monitor gasoline quantities of any substance according to your company need.

Utilisation Stating

If you run a collection of team cars or a vast get businesses house utilisation is highly vital, and Nexis have a powerful utilisation engine to highlight fleet utilisation considering a standard (or customisable) operating times. Not only will they showcase a broad utilisation % nonetheless it also can break up the utilisation of particular assets or house kinds.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis features inbuilt immobilisation features to remotely disable any advantage when required by the user, this can be complete from the touch of an option or via an automated timetable. As an example, you are able to choose to immobilise any advantage when expected or develop a schedule to immobilise an asset at 6pm every single day and un immobilise each morning at 7am.

Are you aware? AMI customers depend on this to make certain no company possessions are widely-used outside of certified performing hours, for safety and a decrease in gasoline!

Nexis has also produced is easy to generate geo-zones and restricted places, by simply simply clicking the chart. You’ll make within Nexis any preferred profile or size of geo-zone that consumer can then designate to a valuable asset.

This can be a worker’s homes target or a niche site location, and Nexis will alert you of every action in or outside of the geo-zone.

Did you realize? Geo-zones tends to be designed to just be energetic at ready circumstances (including 8am aˆ“ 6pm) or productive 24/7. Alike logic is generally placed on a certain day or day variety.