How to Find A Club Promoter Job

How to Find A Club Promoter Job

You normally have to work your way up to it or be lucky enough to partner with an experienced promoter who has that pull already.

  1. Become a Sub-Promoter
  2. Get An Invitation From Management or a Head Promoter
  3. Use Job Search Websites

The first one is significantly important. So let’s break this down a little more so you can understand what’s happening here and the pros and cons.

Becoming A Sub-Promoter, The Pros and Cons

If you go to a popular club, search for the table where all the ladies are. If you see a guy that stands out or is wearing all black and a fitted cap, that’s likely the promoter. If you connect with this promoter and he invites you to promote for him, then you have become his sub-promoter.

But generally, being a “sub” has pros and cons that you should weigh depending on your goals and level of commitment to the job.

The Pros of Being a Sub-Promoter

Being a sub-promoter is a great way to get your foot into the door. You can learn the ropes, have some fun, and build up your following at your pace. This is the least stressful entry-level position for being a promoter.

As a sub-promoter, you have the most flexibility. The promoter you work for has made contractual commitments to the venue, not you. Your commitments are to him/her only. So, you can work on your schedule and make side income at your convenience. There is likely very little pressure placed on your shoulders to perform.

Perhaps the main benefit of being a sub-promoter is that, is that you could get access to a ton of venues, perks, and deals that you otherwise would not have access to. And, not only can you learn the ropes from that promoter, you can build many connections.

When you find a good promoter team to work with, they will always take care of you and treat you fairly when it comes to payouts. You will quickly know if you are working with the right promoter based on that alone.

The Cons of being a Sub-Promoter

Depending on your goals, one con of being a sub-promoter is that you have more degrees of separation between you and the head promoter. This means that you are less likely to be involved in those important meetings or move up fast in the ranks.

But, this mostly depends on how supportive the promoter you work with is, and also whether you are trying to build a career as a club promoter or if it is just a gig.

Another con to be aware of is that when payouts are divided through more promoters, a sub-promoter’s cut is smaller. However, this may be fair since your contribution is likely smaller also.

Perhaps the biggest con, and situation to be wary of, is that sub-promoters are less likely to get paid if they partner with an untrustworthy promoter. This presents the risk of getting stiffed on payouts.

Sub-promoters are often unable to endure the strenuous nights of promotion. Mostly, because the work is harder than they anticipated.

Finally, it is important to note that no one gets paid a dollar if the promoter team doesn’t hit their goals. So, choosing a reputable and high-performing promoter team to work with is vital for any sub-promoter.

Invitation From Management or Head Promoter

If you ever go to a party and your crew stands out in the room, then you may get an invite to be a promoter. Night managers and head promoters often survey the room. When they like what they see, they may personally offer to “take care of you” if you come again.