Headphones Lenovo NEW LP40. An…

In this https://jiji.co.ke/284-computer-memory/4gb case, the shape is about the same as that of the earbuds, but there are built-in “rubber” ear pads, which, in theory, should have a good effect on ergonomics – and I was not mistaken, the headphones are extremely pleasant to use. The set includes the headphones themselves with a case, instructions in English and Chinese, a short Type-C charging cable, spare ear pads and a warranty
ATTENTION: there is no https://tonaton.co.tz/s_36-kenneth-e-hagin disassembly, frequency https://tonaton.co.ke/s_22-steam-cleaners response check and compatibility tests with apple products in the review! The headphones themselves

I listened to music intermittently from 15 to 22 hours, given the breaks and the fact that most of the time I was in the cold – they will play the declared 5-6 hours. Compared to tronsmart
Packaging and appearance This is a new version of the famous LP40 headphones.
Very brief specifications: we are promised bluetooth 5.1, support for AAC and SBC codecs, 8-10m range, 5 hours of music listening Not without a fly in the ointment … Body photo An interesting mid-ranger with a new (for me) form factor

Instruction The dimensions of the case, if it matters to someone, are 46x52x25mm, the headphones themselves are 33mm in height. I took these headphones for review solely for the sake of checking the form factor – because it is extremely uncomfortable for me in the “gags”, and the earbuds tend to stick poorly, which is partially solved by “rubber” ear pads, but there are some nuances.

Headphones Lenovo NEW LP40.

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