Everyone needs to just trust in the LORD and know it will all be fine in the end

Everyone needs to just trust in the LORD and know it will all be fine in the end

Do you feel complaining and being mean to others is showing worthiness any more than someone abusing the system who is stealing from others? No, it is not!

I really get irritated by people who judge others based on how many children they have. Are you going to judge me too? Of course you would because you are ultimately only thinking of yourself and how many more materialistic things you/yours can have.

Other than that, I was very thankful for the help I received as a single mom, working full time

It is easy to judge others when you do not have to walk in their shoes. The question is: why you do not have to walk in their shoes. Did you cheat? Birth control? Getting fixed? Condoms? If you answered yes to any of these things then you cheated, which is in the same category as lying, to me.

Materialistic is what I think of you, uncaring of the human race unless they do exactly as you say and do. anon1048

Let me tell you after 12 years of marriage, I found myself as a single mom of three. I worked full time, got food stamps and help with child care. I got a lot of help in some way. But I totally agree the system needs to be fixed.

Our babysitter (my husband’s girlfriend) was looking for a job after her husband left her with three kids. she had a car but welfare was giving her bus tickets. I called to see if I could get help with my bus pass and they told me they don’t give them to people who work.

I understand they are cutting people off of daycare assistance if they work. How is that going to help? And why do people who don’t work need daycare? My daughter escort Lansing works at a daycare center and they are losing 20 kids because the working parent is losing daycare assistance.

We should be helping the people who are working and trying to make a living and not the ones not doing anything. Here goes the unemployment rate, people are not going to be able to work and pay for daycare so they are going to have to quit their jobs.

The government really needs to think about what they are doing. Seems to me they are supporting more people be on welfare and getting cash assistance with cutting off daycare.

I have six and have never taken a handout but that doesn’t mean I might not need one someday

There were problems with the system 19 years ago when I became a single mom, but they have gotten worse over the years. I hope the government wakes up before it is too late. anon1046

My brother lived with a woman whose entire family had been on welfare with medicaid and food stamps their entire lives. From great-grandpa on down. None were educated, and none were ever employed.

My brother’s girlfriend stayed home having baby after baby. Our tax dollars paid for everything. I took her first two children away for neglect and abuse. She and her free lawyer argued in court for the kids, which ended up costing me about $10,000 in lawyer fees.

Her argument was, «If they take my kids, I’ll lose my welfare checks.» But she didn’t, she just went to a doctor, and claimed that she couldn’t work because of «anxiety.»

I have raised and supported her two children for 17 years, so far. The oldest was the first one in her family ever to receive a high school diploma. The younger one is a senior this year. I started working when I was 14 years old. I eventually got a GED and went on to become an registered nurse.