Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

During this period, the planters were at their peak of energy and influence and the examination of the newspapers would gauge the opinions of this highly effective minority. Eighteenth Century newspapers contained primarily news of England, the London prices of sugar, rum and occasional, ad verbatim proceedings of the English Parliament and announcements of the arrival and departures of ships. Most newspapers include major tales on England, advertisements that diversified in nature, excerpts of books and newspapers from the European continent and notices relating to the demise and claims in opposition to the estate of deceased individuals. All in all, the newspapers from the eighteenth century existed to serve the aim of the white Jamaican plantocracy.

These dates and events are so integral to Jamaica’s history and development that a Letterbook that spans these major turning points cannot be ignored. The Letterbook of the Consul of Columbia in Jamaica took place in 1844, two years before the Sugar Duties Equalisation Act and goes up to 1861, four years earlier than the Morant Bay Rebellion. The Sugar Duties Equalisation Act had a devastating effect on the Jamaican sugar trade and resulted in common hardship throughout Jamaica. The Morant Bay Rebellion resulted within the substitute of the Old Representative System of Government by Crown Colony Government and as such marks a defining moment in Jamaica’s constitutional historical past. As such, this Letterbook can be helpful for individuals involved in the state of affairs in Jamaica throughout these time frames.

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The historical progress of Jamaica can also be studied as additionally the West Indies Federation, the World Wars, Jamaica’s public and political affairs. The Walter Adolphe Roberts Collection contains correspondences with individuals corresponding to Clara Maude Garret and Lily Garrett, Frank Cundall Edna and Norman Manley and W. The three latter had been influential in Jamaica’s politics and financial system. In addition, Roberts was in contact with many different influential and international historical and political thinkers corresponding to J. A. Roberts Collection supplies an additional supply for the research of these persons. The Collection contains photographs which are properly labelled by topics and all related ones are positioned in acid free folders.

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The copy title deeds, plats, plans and accounts are of interest to palaeographers, notably the truth that every doc followed a format dictated by the times. As such the Dawkins Collection is indicative of the writing fashion and document format of the times. However, because of the lack of funds, the National Library has been unable to rent the required personnel to undertake this task on a full time foundation and as such remaining staff can only gradually digitise bits of the collection.

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One of the poignant values of the data contained in the volumes of plat books is the number of info it contains and the myriad info they include. Various kinds of research may be conducted utilizing this one document. It can be a useful tool for cross-referencing proof from similar sources in the recreation of the historical past of Jamaica from the fifteenth to 18th centuries. Plat books include information regarding land from as early as settlers have been granted tracts in the fifteenth century. The format of the minutes mentioned above is important for persons wishing it. The Minutes have been at first hand written and it will be helpful to check.

  • Detailed conservation work is being accomplished on fragile and important gadgets.
  • In one picture two ladies of African descent are washing and the artist inserts a conversation bubble where one says to the opposite “We wash massa clothes good”.

The collection consists of books, magazines, periodicals, prints, photographs that are being organized and with items being placed in acid free folders. The political developments have been mirrored by the beginnings of the movement to create an indigenous artwork in addition to literary tradition. Mais’s contributions to the Public Opinion of which he was editor, recorded the political features of the nationalist movement. These returns which are specific to Jamaica are important in that they often embody the exact location by parish and estate to which enslaved persons belonged. Therefore one is prepared to get a picture of the tendencies of slave ownership by parish and estate in Jamaica.